Birth Hypnobirthing

How to write your own hypnobirthing script

There are benefits to writing your own script, as it enables you to tailor it to your exact needs, concerns and plans for the birth. Using your own name and the names of your partner, midwife, doula or even your baby can be particularly powerful.

Plus if your partner records them, then you associate their voice with a sense of calm and relaxation which will trigger the same feelings when in labour


Always state your goals or your outcome in the positive. Remember the mind cannot NOT do something. It will always see the action first and then you consciously negate it.

For example: whatever you do, do not think of a pink elephant. What happened? The brain will first see the pink elephant and then you will try to cancel it out. Or another example: the cat is not chasing the dog. Again, the brain cannot not do something.

Therefore, the more you can focus on what you DO want, the more your mind will have a positive focus. In addition, if you know what you want and where you are heading, your subconscious mind has an outcome or focus to move towards, and so reacts more accurately, as it has a path to follow.

For your birthing script, focus on the actual outcome rather than the process, location, type of birth, etc. Not all of those are something you can ‘control’, so your overall outcome may be :-

  • a calm birth
  • a peaceful birth
  • a calm birth
  • a calm baby


Creating a mind map is a great way to put down all your thoughts and hopes for the birth. It’s not:
“ a birth plan ” – it is not meant to be a wish-list of what you do and do not want.

Instead you should aim to focus on how you would like to be responding, feeling, thinking, and acting during the birth.

  • Focus on your breathing, breathing down to your abdomen quietly and rhythmically.
  • Allow your mind to focus on your body.
  • Special place or visualisation
  • Use or create somewhere really special to you.
  • Safe, peaceful, calm.
  • Pay attention to the detail around you
  • Make it vivid and real.

Once you have set your outcome, write this in the centre of a mind map. Then go through each phase of the birth and think about how you would like to be feeling or responding, what kind of activities you may be doing, and how you may be reacting to what is happening.

With a mind map, don’t worry about sentences, grammar, repetition, etc, just use it as a time to ‘brain dump’ all of your thoughts. Use colours, pictures, arrows, be creative and have fun with it. You may find you use lots of the same words, such as relax; feel calm; smile; 3, 2, 1, relax; more and more; etc.

Once you have filled in all the sections, leave it for a few days before you start writing it out in full. You may wish to add to it, brighten it up or make it more creative. Some people like to put theirs up at home, maybe in the bedroom or on the back of the bathroom door, as a constant reminder of all the wonderful positive thoughts and feelings.


Once you have filled in your mind map and feel happy that you have thought through all the things you would like to be feeling and the ways you would like to respond, it is time to write out your suggestions in full. When this is done, you or your birth partner can record it on your phone; then, you only need to lie back, listen and relax.

When creating your own programme, these are the basic steps to include:

Relaxation and breathing
Take yourself to a deeply relaxed state.
– Relax all the muscles within your body.

Your birth
Imagine seeing and experiencing yourself going through the physical process of giving birth step by step.
Make it as detailed as possible.
Lots of post-hypnotic triggers.
Use your name, your partner’s name, and your midwife’s name (if you know her).
Use things specific to you, such as the name you have given your child or your home surroundings.
Take your story right through to holding your baby in your arms, releasing the placenta and enjoying the amazing feeling of becoming a mother.

This is done by simply counting slowly from 1 to 5, and allowing yourself to come back in the room

If you would prefer to listen to a ready-to-go script then you can look at our range of birth preparation tracks

Maggie Howell

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