5 tips for your labour bag

Packing your bag ready for birth is such an exciting time. Of course, you will need practical things for you and the baby, however here are my 5 tips for your labour bag focusing on helping you stay calm, relaxed and focused.

  1. Essential oils – I found Lavender and Rose oils to be simply heavenly and a wonderful way to make the room, my husband, the midwife and of course myself as relaxed as possible.
  2. Candles (either real if you are at home or battery-operated for hospital). These help create a lovely atmosphere and make the room dark and peaceful – the perfect conditions to give birth in.
  3. A water bottle / cup with a straw. It is so important to sip water during labour so having a long straw means you can drink, no matter what position you are in!
  4. A favorite shawl, blanket or even duvet. Having something familiar and cozy to wrap around you, go under or throw over a ball is another way of helping you stay relaxed and calm. Being curled up under a duvet is such a familiar, warm and comforting place so why not bring it with you if you are going to hospital to re-create those same conditions.
  5. Relaxing music – again music is such a powerful way to manage your mood. Having relaxing music can again help everyone in the room stay calm and relaxed. Loads of women have used the bespoke Labour Companion and Relaxing Birth Music to keep everyone in the birthing room super chilled.

Maggie Howell

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