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Achieving a healthy BMI using hypnosis

I receive many emails from Midwives and women regarding their pregnancy and birth experiences, but this email caught my attention as it is from a midwife who has used the Hypnosis to help her achieve a healthy BMI using the “Weight Loss through healthy choices audio download” track.

“As a midwife I had been made aware of the Natal Hypnotherapy service by Lynsey, who took the time and effort not only to promote this for the women of our local area but also to the health care professionals. Lynsey set up taster relaxation sessions, which not only were extremely calming for the very frazzled staff but which also bought her credibility in her mission to share the positive impact hypnotherapy can have on your emotional and physical wellbeing. With the staff behind her Lynsey’s reputation and the number in her classes became extremely impressive. She received the backing of her midwife and maternity care assistant colleagues, the head of midwifery, consultant obstetrician and most importantly the families she worked with.

My journey to achieving a healthy BMI

I had gradually over the years put on weight in all the usual ways; studying and grabbing quick, on-the-go food, working long shifts and having no energy to cook at the end, slowing down then stopping exercise. The usual. My partner and I had been together for 10 years and we were extremely relaxed and happy in each other’s company. He exercised a minimum of three times a week, playing football with his friends. I would occasionally train to do a 5K fun run and even once achieved a 10K, but once the big event was over I would go right back to sitting watching TV with my boyfriend and eating the same man-sized portions he required to keep up his energy needs.

When we decided to get married I had already started to realise how unhealthy my lifestyle was becoming. I was constantly tired, lived on potatoes, rice and bread and as a vegetarian I knew I wasn’t getting the right nutrition to keep a full time job, wedding planning and happy life ticking along. So I started to walk as often as I could, to and from work, into town, leaving that car at home. I cut out sweets and crisps, telling myself just get through the week and from Friday it was party time. Foody Fridays I called it. I was never obese, but with a BMI that had edged up to 28 it was only a matter of time and I felt happy I was taking the right steps.

The weight loss was painfully slow. A pound a month kind of slow. I started bootcamps and running to and from work, much to the delight of my colleagues who often found the once lazy girl dying on the sluice floor of a morning. The weight loss continued but seemed to plateau, I was nearing that healthy BMI but I was unhappy, it was hard work denying myself of any sweet treat then I’d binge eat my rewards on that precious weekend. I was so bored of salads.

This is when Lynsey suggested trying the “Weight loss through healthy choices” MP3.

I thought, why not? What harm? Lynsey assured me if I wanted it to work, it would, but I would have to let it.

I found the audio track so relaxing but can’t actually recall much from the actual listening after removing my stones from my backpack and watching them fly away. I would start each time wondering how I would tune in and then become aware I was being counted back out and ‘awake’ again.

The main thing it helped me with was that I found healthier choices more appealing  and also to realise that making sugar a restricted weekend-only event needed to stop. If I did eat a biscuit on a Thursday I didn’t feel guilt and actually quite often a whole weekend would pass without any desire for a take-away or chocolate bar.

I felt like the effort had gone but the weight loss picked up.

abigail weight loss

By the time of my wedding I had a healthy BMI, and six months after although I have gained a little weight I still have not gone back into that overweight category. I also believe that if I listened as often as I did before I would have maintained that weight loss, however I am happy being in the “healthy” BMI category and so I am not sad about this.

I apologise for the length of this email but I felt it important to share my whole journey so you could appreciate just how this audio track impacted my personal story, which I’m sure is actually very relatable for many women. I now recommend this to anyone who recognises a need for change in their lifestyle and who wishes to reach their goal of a healthy BMI.”


Thanks so much for your story Abigail.  I think many women will be able to relate to the challenges you faced.

Weight-loss-through-healthy-choices audio track

The “Weight loss through healthy choices” is available as a download.

Weight-loss-through-healthy-choices audio track
Weight loss through healthy choices audio track

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