Birth Hypnobirthing

What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing with Natal Hypnotherapy is about

• learning how to relax at will and let your body get on with birthing your baby.
• helping you to overcome any fears and be more relaxed, whatever is going on around you or where ever you are.
• enabling you to feel empowered, positive and in control.
• helping your birth partner understand how to help you, what to do and how to ‘be’ with you.

It is easy to learn, down to earth and relatable and equips you with useful and practical techniques that help you to have a positive birth experience, regardless of where or how you give birth.

As well as all that, Hypnobirthing with Natal Hypnotherapy is really enjoyable, relaxing and easy.

Hypnobirthing helps tapping into that awesome power to birth your baby that is already within you.

Maggie Howell

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