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The midwives wanted to stay as they said the labour was so calm!

I have often heard from midwives over the years that they love to attend births with women using Natal Hypnotherapy as they aways feel so calm themselves! This week’s birth story reiterates that feeling , but from the mums perspective.

“I wanted to write and tell you about the wonderful, calm birth of our little girl, born at 38 + 2 weeks. My first cramps started at 3am and Robyn was born at 12.50pm, so pretty quick. All went as I hoped – she had been in the right position for a long time and I had used a birthing ball in the months before, so maybe this helped get her head down.

Looking back, listening to the Natal Hypnotherapy tracks (the labour companion with the relaxing birth music) and doing the Natal Hypnotherapy course with Laura early on in my pregnancy really helped to get me mentally ready early on, and stay so calm which was key to my state of mind when the big day came.

I would listen to the tracks on my ipod and use the breathing techniques on my commute to work. It is so important to make the time for your subconscious to absorb the information so you can truly believe that you can have a positive birth experience.

I was so calm during my pregnancy and this followed all the way through to when baby arrived. The birth happened over a beanbag for support and with gas and air, which I had wanted to do and which felt more natural to me. There was no bed involved, contrary to every birth you have seen in films or on TV. The course made me really think about and understand how different positions work when giving birth.

It was also invaluable to have my partner with me, who had done the course as well and was just as prepared as I was. He was great during the birth and really helped me stay so calm using a lot of the techniques we learnt during the course, with the Natal Hypnotherapy  music on, electric candles, calm dark environment and lavender spray. A very useful technique was staring into my partners’ eyes during contractions – it really helped to calm them down.

The midwives wanted to stay in my suite as they said it was so calm! The final bit of the birth was noisier, but you just make the noises your body needs you to make! My body really did know what to do in the end and my baby did just come out as nature intended.”

Natalie Kaffa

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Maggie Howell

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