Can hypnosis help with conceiving?

Dispelling the myths about hypnosis

Firstly it is important to dispel some of the myths surrounding hypnosis. Essentially it is time when your thought patterns shift from the conscious, analytical, here-and-now way of thinking to a pattern of more relaxed, day-dream like wandering of thoughts. This actually happens naturally many times a day – such as when we are driving, reading, focusing, day dreaming etc.

Therefore hypnosis is a state of mind that is totally natural and familiar to everyone. During this time you become more receptive to positive suggestions and thought patterns as your thoughts are less constrained by your analytical, critical way of thinking (your conscious mind).

Technically it is a time when we have a greater degree of control over our thoughts and an increased ability to access the part of our mind which stores all out thoughts, fears, memories, patterns as well as physical functions (known collectively as the subconscious) – quite often the reason that good ideas can come to you spontaneously when you are relaxing in the bath, driving, going to sleep!

Normally we dip in and out of this state many times a day, however, with guidance and practice you can actively take yourself into this state as a means to achieving desirable changes both emotionally and physically. Without the usual constraints and limitations of your conscious mind these changes can take place more easily and more quickly than other approaches.

How can using hypnosis help you conceive?

During a hypnosis session you are also benefiting from deep relaxation and increased physical well-being as you are breathing effectively, resting your body and allowing all your organs to work more efficiently. Whilst in this relaxed state you become far more receptive to positive suggestions related to health, well-being, increased awareness of your body’s cycles and the ability to change old thought patterns.

When you apply these factors, you can begin to see how hypnosis can be beneficial in aiding conception.

1. It promotes relaxation which in turn reduces stress ( a common factor for women having difficulties conceiving). This can be particularly beneficial when having sex so that your body is in a better “state” to aid the process of fertilisation. It can also help to cope with or even get off the “emotional rollercoaster” each month.

2. It allows you to explore any issues which may be emotionally “holding you back” from conceiving and takes you through an exercise to actively “let go” of those issues no matter how big small or insignificant they may seem.

3. It enables you to give your body the right messages at a physical as well as emotional level (re for years telling yourself NOT to get pregnant – you can now give yourself permission to go ahead!)

4. Through the powerful use of visualisation it helps to condition your body to be more receptive to conception.

5. Through positive suggestions it encourages you to lead a more healthy lifestyle which again has shown to have a positive effect on conception.

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Maggie Howell

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