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Hypnobirthing video testimonials and reviews

Hypnobirthing video testimonials and reviews

We have put together a snapshot of reviews by women and their birth partners who have done Hypnobirthing course with Natal Hypnotherapy. It reflects what most women and their partners experience using these techniques and listening to Maggie Howell’s audio recordings. The video is just 2 minutes 37 seconds long.

“Like most women, I was anxious about the whole birthing process.”

“I was in a very scared place.”

“As a first-timer it gave untold confidence.”

“At the beginning I was a bit of a skeptic, of being hypnotized, really?”

“Very easy to follow.”

“Simple but so effective.  It worked.”

“I fell a lot more engaged.”

“And I just found the messages in there just so refreshing.”

“Actually it’s all about taking control and that was exactly what we wanted to”


“So I could personalize it to suit me and my circumstances.”

“It gives you a far more positive way of thinking about birth.”

“and just generally made me feel a lot more relaxed.”

“No mumbo-jumbo jargon hippy dippy stuff. “

“I found it really empowering and nothing at all like I thought in a hypnosis would be like.”

“A tremendous breadth and depth of understanding.”

“Maggie was with me all the way.”

“You feel like you know by the end of it, she makes it all very personal and”

“she’s very supportive I think it’s one of the best decisions I ever came to be honest with you.”

“They’re giving me some really useful tools and techniques to”

“use that I can be practicing now.”

“It prepared me very, very much for the actual birthing moment.”

“and I started looking forward to the birth.”

“It gave me the birth I always wanted, you now, no anxiety,”

“Comfortable, relaxed, and no drugs. “

“and for me, the girl with the worst, worst pain threshold in the world, I could do it!”

“But the midwife cried at the end, they did, they hugged each other and they cried. “

“such an engaging an inspirational, motivational, positive, uplifting experience. “

“I no longer associate birth or labour with pain I associated with a really nice experience.”

“I just feel so lucky that I had such a positive birth.”

“I think it’s it’ll be the best money you have ever spent.”

“We’re so grateful that we, we stumbled across Natal Hypnotherapy, and for any of the skeptics out there, and anybody that’s pondering as to whether or not this is”

“for you, then you know I can wholeheartedly recommend the whole process.”

“If you’re deciding whether to do the course or not I I can’t recommend it highly enough and i hope you decide to do, and have the same experience that I did.”

Maggie Howell

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    1. Thanks for your comment. We will load more case studies in due course on our new site. We previously ran training in NHS hospitals and also many study days for NHS midwives. I hope that helps.

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