Birth Hypnobirthing

Does Hypnobirthing guarantee you will have a natural birth?

Simply put – I’m afraid Not.

The term ‘natural birth’ is a slightly odd term as in essence all births bring a baby into the world which is a natural event.

What most people are referring to is having a spontaneous, instinctive birth without medical intervention. The majority of women who use Hypnobirthing techniques do give birth instinctively and do not need any additional support or intervention. However, there will be times when some women require additional support. No matter what this support entails, hypnobirthing tools and techniques will still help you work with your body and with the medical team around you.

Every Birth is unique and every birth takes it’s own journey. There are no guarantees when it comes to birth, so the most important way to prepare is to learn to let go of anxiety, learn to relax deeply at will, and learn to breathe and stay calm. All of these things will give you the most positive chance of a spontaneous, instinctive birth.

A great way to help prepare your self for a natural birth is to learn hypnobirthing techniques either via an audio recording, a book or the online course

Maggie Howell

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