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Drug free natural child birth using Natal Hypnotherapy

Insightful home diaries video showing a drug free natural childbirth using hypnobirthing with Natal Hypnotherapy
Courtesy of http://www.mybirthmyway.co.uk

[Mum] And my waters have just broken sorry shaky hand.  So yes, so we’re all systems go.

[Molly] Molly

[Mum] Hey Molly who’s coming soon? 

[Mum] Who is it? is it baby?

[Molly] Baby

[Mum] is Molly gonna be a big sister,

[Molly] No I am gonna be Molly.

[Mum] Molly can you tell mommy how much you love me

[Molly] More than all the money in the world

[Mum] How you doing Daddyo?

[Dad] I yeah I’m cool, I’m very excited very much looking forward to it.  I just predicted today.

[Molly] What we gonna watch

[Dad] We are gonna watch some lovely videos to boost mummys oxytocin and love hormone  or oxytocin which is the love hormone.

[Mum] Listen to daddy doesn’t he sound like an expert.

[Molly] He is an expert

[Dad] I am an expert in lots of things.

[Molly] You are an expert

[Mum] I love you, I love you,

[Mum] It’s now 10 [minutes[ to 6pm and we’re in the car on the way to hospital and feeling very relaxed and having contractions but they’re not for too regular but and just need to go into hospital and get checked out because my waters went.

[Mum]  Eight minutes past 11:00.  Been at home for a few hours had some Spagboll [Spaghetti Bolognese] been in the bath, been swimming in the tub for quite a long time.  And my husband tells me that my contractions are regular and a minute long so we’re going to hospital I’m not  convinced myself but have to trust him, cause last time he was right

Natal Hypnotherapy plays in the background.  Mum does breathing.  Mum in birthing pool.   Deeper breathing leading to transition.  Midwive ‘nice and slowly, nice and slowly,  Mum gives birth to baby in pool.  Baby cries. 

Dad] I am so proud of you

[Mum] Hello gorgeous, you look like your sister.  Hello beautiful boy.

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