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Our gorgeous boy arrived on Christmas Eve – just in time for Santa!

Following on with our series of Christmas birth stories, Judy’s story shows how practicing hypnobirthing even for just a few times can still make all the difference.

Making the decision to use Natal Hypnothearpy

“I was quite nervous about giving birth and so when I heard a friend tell me about Natal Hypnotherapy and how it helped her I thought it was worth giving it a go. After reading the great reviews on Amazon, I decided to buy the hypnobirthing album “Effective Birth Preparation“. It is recommended that you listen to this from 32 weeks …well, I only got to listen to it about 4 times and even then, not really all the way through because I always fell asleep!*

Unexpected benefits

My husband listened to part of it only once.  However with just those few times I found it really helped me to relax as I had dreadful heartburn and pains which later emerged to have been symptoms of HELLP Syndrome. As a result, I went into early labour at 34 weeks but with huge thanks to the focus the hypnobirthing gave me even after so few sessions, I had a very straightforward 5 hour labour, using only gas and air and had no tears or cuts and thankfully no stitches.

321 relax

We played the track a few times during the labour, and whilst it was not on my husband was a huge help and kept repeating a few lines over and over again such as 3,2,1 relax….. it worked so well for me as I was able to go completely floppy and just let the contraction happen. The midwife was really amazed and told us we were very focused compared to a lot of other people, which was probably why I had such a comfortable labour. Liam was 4 lb 13 oz so being smaller would have made a difference but I am recommending Natal Hypnotherapy to all my friends! We are now enjoying settling into parenthood with our gorgeous bundle of joy who arrived just on time for Santa on Christmas Eve!

Download your free hypnobirthing track

* It is very common to feel like you have fallen asleep.  For most women they are in fact just in deep hypnosis as opposed to actually being asleep as they normally “wake up” at the end of the track (when they are counted up from 1 to 5).  This shows that their subconscious was still listening and taking in the suggestions the whole way through the track.

Maggie Howell

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