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How much does it cost to learn Hypnobirthing?

How much does hypnobirthing cost

Free tracks

Start Hypnobirthing for free! There are several free hypnobirthing tracks available online.

The hassle-free way to begin your birth preparation journey. Whether you want to check Hypnobirthing is for you or want to just test the waters to see what the tracks sound like, then get started with some of the free resources that are available. These may include short guided meditations or visualizations that you can use to relax and prepare for labor and delivery.

Start listening to our free 15 minute hypnobirthing Pregnancy Relaxation audio track.

Any midwife will tell you that the most important things to help you in labour are relaxation and breathing.

By listening to his mp3 download you will learn how to gently become more and more relaxed, how to breathe effectively and how to use positive visualisation.

“I used Natal Hypnotherapy by Maggie Howell. It was brilliant and was without any bulls***. I laboured and gave birth with only gas and air using the techniques. In fact the midwife refused to examine me as she insisted I wasn’t in enough pain to be ready to push. I was 10cm…..Of course giving birth hurts but I honestly found it manageable with breathing and visualisation and the music. You need to practice lots though”

This is a great way to find out what hypnobirthing is like and to learn some really valuable skills – click here to get the free 15 minute hypnobirthing Pregnancy Relaxation track now.


In the UK and the US, you can purchase hypnobirthing audio tracks on iTunes, google play and individual websites. Prices for these tracks may vary, but you can expect to pay anywhere from £3 to £10 for a single track.

Natal hypnotherapy tracks are the UK’s most established provider with over 150,000 women having listened to them. You can browse the individual £10 tracks or check out our bumper value Hypnobirthing Audio Packs (8 audio tracks to support you from early pregnancy to 6 weeks postnatally) for just £25 – these can be tailored the the type of birth you are planning.

Click here for the Hypnobirthing Audio Packs

Hypnobirthing audio and digital pack by Maggie Howell

As with any skill, the more you practise, the better you get. If you would like to benefit from hypnosis for birth then it is super important to regularly listen to a hypnobirthing track.

There are a wide range of tracks to suit different stages of pregnancy and different types of births including home births, vaginal births after a Caesarean, twins’ births and even preparing for a Caesarean birth.

You can listen to the tracks in your own time, in your own home and of course during the birth itself. One of the many bonuses of practising hypnosis throughout your pregnancy is that you take time out to actually slow down, relax and spend time focusing on your baby.

Many women have commented that listening to a birth preparation track is a great “excuse” or reason to take time out to relax, which they may not otherwise have done


In the UK and the US, you can purchase hypnobirthing books at a range of prices. These may include books that provide an overview of the hypnobirthing method, as well as books that provide more in-depth guidance and support. Prices for hypnobirthing books may vary, but you can expect to pay anywhere from £10 to £40 for a single book.

There are many great books out there on hypnobirthing. This is an affordable and easy way to find out more about the techniques and to teach yourself. Plus it is something you can take with you and even into the birth.


In the UK and the US, you can also attend online hypnobirthing courses to learn more about the method and how to use it during labor and delivery. A track will definitely help you practice the foundation skills of hypnobirthing – especially breathing, relaxation and visualisation and a book is a great way to learn “intellectually” about the tools.
However learning by seeing, hearing and practicing are known to be a far more effective way of retaining new information.

An online course is a great way to access this learning in a flexible way – also you will have 24/7 access to the course so you can refresh your memory even during labour itself.

Online courses include handouts and downloads to help you practice all the tools and techniques.

Online courses cost from £39.99 up to £250


In the UK and the US, you can also attend face to face hypnobirthing courses as part of a group or as a private session. These are a great way to learn more about the method and how to use it during labor and delivery, plus attending a course with your own designated practitioner will give you access to their hands-on experience, guidance and one to one support.

They will also be able to demonstrate additional tools and techniques to help you and your birth partner during the birth; You will have the opportunity to ask questions and formulate your own plan, and to create your own bespoke affirmations and suggestions, which are tailored to you and your birth partner.

One of the biggest bonuses is the chance to meet like-minded couples and to have a support network, including your practitioner and the other couples on your course.

Prices for these courses may vary, but you can expect to pay anywhere from £150 to £500 for a comprehensive course.

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