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If you consider doing a Hypnobirthing Class you are making a good decision. Over 22 years ago we started and we have used the same techniques you will learn, in birthing our own sons, all five of them, at home.. Its that experience that kicked the whole thing off here. Since then we have run face to face classes in small groups, 1:1’s, run them in NHS hospitals and trained midwives to run them, trained our fantastic team of Licensed Practitioners to run them and supported over 150k women to have better birth experiences as a result. So we know a thing or two about teaching hypnobirthing techniques and helping women and their birth partners to successfully birth their babies and have better birth experiences. It can be helpful to see hypnobirthing video reviews, read many great birth stories or watch mothers giving birth using Hypnobirthing peacefully and calmly. You will get inspired!

All our Licensed Hypnobirthing Practitioners have done intensive training, accredited by the Royal College of Midwives, and are monitored on an ongoing basis.

Hypnobirthing Practitioner Training accredited by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM)
Hypnobirthing Practitioner Training accredited by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM)

Why do a hypnobirthing class?

By learning hypnobirthing with Natal Hypnotherapy you will:

  • develop practical skills that you and your partner can use during birth
  • learn effective techniques to have a more positive and more relaxing birth experience;
  • discover how easy it is to learn and practice (you don’t have to do very much at all);
  • stay calmer and more in control during labour
  • learn relaxation and breathing techniques;
  • connect with other prospective parents;
  • learn techniques that are tried and tested by 150k+ women – because they really work!;
  • understand how helpful birth partners can be when they know what’s going to be happening better, to be able to notice the stages you will be going through, and most importantly what they can do to help women and support women through the birth;

When you choose to work with Natal Hypnotherapy you have available the materials and knowledge in different formats to suit your learning style and budget including;

  • confidence building face to face classes
  • self paced online training
  • soothing award winning audio downloads; and a
  • practical and effective birth preparation guide book to help you have a better birth.
  • Natal Hypnotherapy techniques are designed for everyone – no matter what kind of birth you are planning, or where you plan to birth.
  • The techniques, language and tools are realistic and down to earth – free of fluff, nonsense and airy fairy words or words you cannot say.

Natal Hypnotherapy is the only hypnobirthing program in the UK designed and developed exclusively from a mother’s experiences of giving birth and then training in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

What are my options for doing a hypnobirthing class?

You can choose to do an online hypnobirthing class, or a face to face class with a Licenced Practitioner.

or a face to face class with a Licenced Practitioner.

Click to read more about comparing an online hypnobirthing class vs a face to face hypnobirthing class.

Licensed Practitioners run Hypnobirthing courses across the country

Parents at a hypnobirthing class at a yoga studio
Parents at a hypnobirthing class at a yoga studio

Our 16 hour Natal Hypnotherapy antenatal classes

• are available across the country
• include 9 hypnosis tracks and a pdf of the “Effective birth Preparation book”
• are designed for you and your birth partner
• start from £220 per couple for group classes
• can be taken as a group or as a private one to one

Choose a location and date that suits you and meet other like minded couples in a friendly group, Click to find a Hypnobirthing Class near you.

What do you get in an Online Hypnobirthing Class?

Start learning everything you need to know for a positive birth with the online hypnobirthing course for just £39.99. Click to go straight through to our online hypnobirthing course site.

Then enter your details and payment and get instant access. You can access the course on any device so you can learn the tools and techniques anywhere, anytime – even during the birth itself.

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In an Online Hypnobirthing Class you will get :

  • 8 hours of multimedia and interactive tuition with Maggie Howell – if you were to have that face to face with that would alone cost you £200-400.
  • 16 multi media interactive modules which help you feel engaged and active in the learning process.
  • 9 hypnosis downloads which sell for over £70, and includes one for your birth partner to listen to.
  • 40 pages of downloadable handouts and worksheets so you can really personalise your learning and make your won unique birth preparation plan.
  • Access to a private facebook group with help and support from Maggie as well as other practitioners and mums.

PLUS: On top of that we have included five great bonuses:

  • Over 100 brilliant pregnancy and birth affirmations;
  • A definitive guide on induction – what it is, the NICE guidelines, tips for natural induction and techniques to help you if you need an induction;
  • A whole bunch of inspiring birth videos and interviews with parents;
  • A guide to preparing your own birth preparation mind map with a gorgeous example for you to create your own;
  • A guide for your midwife including a data sheet on how they can best support you, the research to back up the claims, sticker to put on your birth notes, door sign for the birth room and more.

Click to start an online hypnobirthing course now and begin to learn and benefit.

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