A Comparison of online vs face to face Hypnobirthing Classes

Couples relaxing together in a Hypnobirthing Class

There is so much to learn when you are pregnant it can feel a bit overwhelming. If you are considering doing a Hypnobirthing Class/Hypnobirthing Course there are two options to consider, doing a face to face hypnobirthing course/class with a licensed practitioner or doing an online course in the comfort of your own home or local cafe! So what are the differences?

Comparison of Hypnobirthing Class Options

So how does the Online Course compare with the Face to Face class run by Licensed Practitioners?

What you will getOnline Hypnobirthing Class with Maggie HowellFace to Face Hypnobirthing Course with Licenced Practitioner
Get everything you need to prepare for a positive birth experience
Benefit from Maggie Howell’s 22 years experience in helping over 150,000 women to effectively use Hypnobirthing, and training over 1000 midwives, and used these techniques herself to birth 5 babies at home.
Discover and practice effective ways to fully prepare for birth.
Learn practical tools and techniques to ensure you feel calm, confident and prepared for the big day.
Trained by Maggie Howell, UK’s longest-standing Hypnobirthing teacher
Trained by a Licenced Hypnobirthing Practitioner
16 modules each covering a different topic on mental, emotional and physical preparation for birth (scroll down for details on each module) a video tutorial you can watch on any device at any time
– an interactive audio and visual presentation
– printable pdf handouts and worksheets to keep for reflection or revision
– quiz to check your knowledge
– birth related video or interview
– homework or reflection to really help embed your knowledge and personalise your preparation
9 guided relaxation and hypnosis downloads which includes one for your birth partner to listen to and tracks to guide you during labour
5 extra bonuses with material that would take you hours to research and collate yourself.
Pregnancy and birth affirmation
A definitive guide on induction
Inspiring birth videos
Birth preparation mind map
Midwife’s information pack
43 page pdf course notes booklet 
NEW – COVID 40 self care in pregnancy guide
Plus you can contact me at any time via email or our private Facebook group for any advice or questions.
All modules can be visited as many times as you like! 
You have 24 / 7 access to all the material so you can use it from day one right the way through the labour itself
You can discuss your specific needs with your practitioner who can tailor the course to help you as much as possible.
You can ask questions and get answers.
Your partner can take part
Pricing£39.99£180 – £250

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