Hypnobirthing Classes in Moray Invernessshire by Christina MacFarquhar

Christina MacFarquhar runs Hypnobirthing Classes using Natal Hypnotherapy in Moray, Invernessshire

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Why I became a practitioner

I used relaxation and hypnosis for my own two labours, and was so inspired by what I experienced that I immediately started passing on the tips and techniques I had learned. It was wonderful to be able to support other women and couples in this way and to hear about how they felt they had benefited.

I decided to train up to practice professionally, rather than just passing on what I remembered, and what had worked for me personally. My experience counted, of course. But training added such depth to my knowledge that I realised my own experience, as profound as it was, was just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what there was to teach, and how to teach it.

My experience of working with pregnant women and my personal experience of Natal Hypnotherapy

I have been supporting pregnant women informally since 2017, mostly before but also sometimes during labour. Since 2021 I have been teaching the Natal Hypnotherapy course as a qualified practitioner.

I speak and/or understand several languages (European and non-European) and work supportively with people who struggle with English.

I also support women who struggle to focus or relax due to what is sometimes called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and who may not consider themselves capable of using relaxation or hypnosis techniques.

Feedback from my classes

  • “Chris has changed our outlook on birth by providing us with the skills and tools to prepare us. She is very reassuring.”
  • “The course was great and has completely changed my perspective on and relationship to birthing. I now feel in a very empowered and knowledgeable state going into this birth with my first child and I feel like I am going to have the birthing experience I always wanted in my heart, but had no real idea how to achieve. I cannot imagine how I would be feeling right now if I had not had the opportunity to do this course, probably scared, nervous, anxious and overall, quite ignorant (without really knowing my level of ignorance). I feel incredibly grateful that my baby will start their life in a such a positive way, what a beautiful beginning for them. For that I am truly grateful as I know that will stay with us both forever and have so many benefits for us both in our lives.”
  • The most important things we learned were how relaxation and visualisation can help and how to remain in control and push back on medical suggestions that you don’t feel comfortable with.”
  • “The course has really inspired me, that I feel every woman should have access to this and there should be a big shift attitudes towards birthing.”
  • “I have learnt about relaxation of our minds and thoughts about birth, how important is the role of the birth partner, tools to cope with staff, relatives. Information about care our body in pregnancy and natural birth can develop a gentle and calm and happy delivery reducing stress and external drugs.”
  • “Chris was very knowledgeable and able to answer all of the questions that I and my birthing partner had with ease and confidence. She was really calm and positive in the delivery of the course, which made the experience enjoyable, and I was able to take in the information. She was organised, sending us through a list of materials required for the next session so that we could prepare and got us through in the time that she had set out for us. Overall she was very supportive and listened to us as individuals, to our needs and concerns, and was able to adapt the course to us as individuals, which was really helpful.”
  • “The best part (was) the techniques and breathing to use with my spouse during contractions.”
  • “I liked learning the history of the medicalisation of birth. It’s really important to know that detail and then compare that with views and practices from other cultures and women. I also enjoyed learning the chemistry and biology behind birthing that helped me to make sense of the entire birthing process.”
  • “The interactive lessons were great at demonstrating many aspects of the course. They still stick with me.”
  • “It is great to see what your fears were at the beginning of the course and see how much has changed at the end.”
  • “Having the opportunity to talk through the many aspects of the course with someone knowledgeable and receiving support was brilliant.”
  • “I appreciate the gentleness of the trainer and providing the good and calm environment for the couple and child, following a session according to the advance of the couple, that has taken extra time. And patience about listening our fears and our experiences without judge and keeping neutral and encourage that it´s possible to any mother to learn about it.”

My related qualifications & Associations

Licensed Natal Hypnotherapy Practitioner

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