Natal Hypnotherapy Post Natal Feedback Form

Having a baby can be a magical experience, it can also be quite challenging. We would really like to hear from you to understand your experience of birth. We would like to know how you felt Natal Hypnotherapy helped, what worked and also what could have been improved for you. We all benefit from reading and learning from other peoples experiences and in particular, of women’s birth experiences.

Reading feedback from other mothers can be informative, useful, and inspiring. If you share your experiences you are helping other mothers have a better birth. Please complete our post natal questionnaire and help make birthing better.

Data and privacy

Your individual feedback will not be shared with 3rd parties and only if you give us permission, will we use your testimonial, either attributed to you or anonymously, as per your wishes. We would use data in aggregate such as percentages of women who liked something.

Should you wish to Contact Us privately you can.

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