Hypnobirthing Birth Videos

  • Waterbirth using Hypnobirthing with Natal Hypnotherapy | One Born Every Minute
    A video of a mum using Natal Hypnotherapy to help during her water birth. Some really excellent examples of how a birth partner can support a mum, using the 321 relax, turning down the dial, self-doubt and other Natal Hypnotherapy techniques
  • Drug free natural child birth using Natal Hypnotherapy
    Insightful home diaries video showing a drug free natural childbirth using hypnobirthing with Natal HypnotherapyCourtesy of http://www.mybirthmyway.co.uk [Mum] And my waters have just broken sorry shaky hand.  So yes, so we’re all systems go. [Molly] Molly [Mum] Hey Molly who’s coming soon?  [Mum] Who is it? is it baby? [Molly] Baby [Mum] is Molly gonna be a big sister, [Molly] No I am gonna be Molly. [Mum] Molly can you tell mommy how much you love me [Molly] More than all the money in the world [Mum] How you doing Daddyo? [Dad] I yeah I’m cool, I’m…
  • Contraction during labour at home using Natal Hypnotherapy
    Labour doesn’t have to be scary! This is me during a contraction. Not what you normally see on television! I remained calm and in control and owe this to my amazing birth partner, my friend for helping us out, the information I read in “Effective Birth Preparation” by Maggie Howell and the relaxation techniques I learned from the ‘Natal Hypnotherapy Programme‘. It’s your body, your birth and your baby!
  • Maggie birthing Alex – Hypnobirthing using Natal Hypnotherapy
    Watch this calm, quiet birth to see how powerful Natal Hypnotherapy can be. The first section is when the mother is around 7 cm dilated – yes this is a video and not a still photo – watch the amazing movement of the belly during the contraction. The second clip is about 20 mins before the water birth at home. Watch for the shake of the head – the one and only “negative” sign when the mother goes through “self doubt”. The final clip shows the birth – again very calm and unrushed.
  • Vaginal birth with twins – Hypnobirthing with Natal Hypnotherapy
    A birth video of Chireal giving birth to twins in hospital – a natural, calm vaginal birth to twins. Chireal listened to the Natal Hypnotherapy tracks in the lead-up to the birth. They also gave her the confidence to plan for a natural, un induced labour [Chireal] “Hi, it’s Thursday and it’s a couple of days before I’m due to be induced and today, I’ve had reflexology on my feet and hands, and I’ve also ordered some hypnosis tapes [Natal Hypnotherapy audio downloads] to help me through the labour process, in doing so I have realised that…
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