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Read how The Prepare to Conceive, hypnofertility audio track has helped women.

The Hypnofertility audio track has helped my body and mind to relax

“My husband and I have a 15-year-old daughter and we decided to have another baby. We have been trying for a baby for almost 2 years with no luck. A referral to a consultant was made and I was diagnosed with grade 3 endometriosis. After the diagnosis, I had two laparoscopies: one a diagnostic, to confirm that I have endometriosis and 6 months after I had another laparoscopy to try and get some of the adhesions out to maximise my chance of having a baby and to relieve the painful periods that I have. I was also given clomid to no avail. I was again seen by the doctor, and she requested a Salpingogram, just to check my tubes, as it’s been a year after my laparoscopy and I haven’t fallen pregnant yet.  It confirmed that I had a blocked tube and the other one was filled with water. She told me that there is very little chance of me getting pregnant naturally because of my tubes and she told us that IVF might be the only option. But before that I have to have my tubes clipped to prepare for the IVF.

My husband and I are really devastated by the news, so I decided to be put on to the waiting list for that procedure. But before that appointment, we’re at the waiting room and as I was reading a magazine, I caught sight of a comment about Natal Hypnotherapy. I took the websites address and I decided to purchase the Hypnofertility audio track. I knew that there is a slim chance of me getting pregnant naturally, but I just thought it would probably help me relax. I bought the Hypnofertility audio track in October, listened to it every night and by December, we found out I was pregnant. Our daughter was born July 23. Maybe it’s the positive thinking, the prayers but I feel that the Hypnofertility audio track has helped my body and mind to relax. My daughter is so happy with her new sister, and she calls her a “miracle baby”. Both my husband and I are extremely happy. We couldn’t ask for more.” Leilanie Moreto

I think the cd made all the difference

“I used the birth preparation audio pack and had a beautiful home birth with no complications from 9am when my waters broke to 5pm when he was born. He’s now two and a half. I was 44 then. I think the Hypnofertility audio track made all the difference in my preparation. I also used the Post natal audio track and breast feeding one. He is still feeding! I’m now using the prepare to conceive for a second baby! My sister is pregnant now and I told her to get the Natal Hypnotherapy audio tracks!!”
Jane Hutchinson

I didn’t realize I was holding onto so many negative thoughts but the Hypnofertility audio tracks helped to release them

“These are so wonderful for so many reasons… The professionalism, intelligence and knowledge of the therapist, the beautiful way in which the messages were delivered, to be able to really get inside my body and my thoughts, the relaxing music, I was fully immersed and absorbed into the meditation and was able to really let worries and concerns go. I didn’t realize I was holding onto so many negative thoughts, but the Hypnofertility audio track helped to release them.” Sarah Hall

I felt empowered listening to it

“I had a missed miscarriage at 10 weeks and an ERPC in August. I was desperate to conceive as soon as possible. When my period arrived, I started using ovulation predictors and basically ended up feeling stressed and depressed. Once ovulation passed, I didn’t feel any different and thought I wasn’t pregnant and felt I didn’t know or trust my body anymore. I was feeling very low and decided to order your Hypnofertility audio track to try and relax me and make me feel more positive – which it did! I felt empowered listening to it – was doing something really positive when I’d felt really low and hopeless. Also helped me sleep better as I wasn’t sleeping well at time.

Decided to do a test when period due but thought there was no way I had done it that month but did feel more positive for the month ahead. Low and behold it was positive and 20 tests later I truly believed I was pregnant! I now have a beautiful baby boy and have passed the Hypnofertility audio track on to a friend who took a while to conceive her 1st child so that she’s prepared for when the urge for No 2 child comes along!” Ruth Stewart

The cd helped me to relax at one of the most difficult and stressful times of my life

“Tried for a baby for eight years which included two rounds of IVF, both failed. Our infertility was unexplained, so I started using all sorts of alternative therapies out of desperation. Then we saw one of the top specialists in the UK who advised us that far from being unexplained, our inability to conceive was because I was heading towards my menopause early, our chances of having a baby were minimal and we’d run out of time for IVF. I was having acupuncture at the time whilst trying to accept the reality of my situation and less than a month later found myself to be pregnant. I think the Hypnofertility audio track helped me to relax at one of the most difficult and stressful times of my life. They helped me to relax when it is most important to. After eight years of trying to conceive I was finding it difficult to relax when I ovulated – I now have a beautiful baby girl! Antonia Varney

I actually ovulated on my own, for the first time in 5 years!!!

“My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 5 years. Last year I was using your Hypnofertility audio track when my husband and I were TTC. In February last year I had to have surgery to remove an ovarian cyst and my doctor told me all hope was gone. Then this February, I had to have the same ovary removed due to another large cyst and the doctor found that I had healed and it was possible.

I found your Hypnofertility audio track and IMMEDIATELY started to use it! I remembered how much calmer I was. Well, as if the healing wasn’t miracle enough, I actually ovulated ON MY OWN, for the first time in 5 years!!!! I just feel so very peaceful and relaxed. We still have a little while til we will know if I am preggers, but I know that this time, even if it doesn’t happen right away, I can handle the long term TTC because I have a place to go to relax and rest and be at peace with my body doing exactly as it should!!!” Jennifer Kelly

I found myself reconnecting with my body and feeling more positive about my ability to conceive.

“I had been trying to conceive for a year and a half after having a miscarriage at six weeks. As I conceived quickly the first time, it was very distressing to go month after month with nothing happening. A private consultation suggested the possibility of a blocked tube, so I began IVF which failed due to what they termed ovarian failure. Not having much faith in the medical profession anyway, I opted to go down the natural route and started using alternative therapies. I tried one to one hypnosis but found it costly and difficult to allow myself to completely relax.

When I came across your website, I decided to try your Prepare to Conceive Hypnofertility audio track. I listened to it on numerous occasions before ovulation and also during my fertile time and found that I felt extremely relaxed and calm. The first time I listened to it, the guided visualisation made me cry and I felt like I’d released an emotional block. I also found myself reconnecting with my body and feeling more positive about my ability to conceive and grow a child. It undid a lot of the negative feedback I¹d been given by Dr¹s about my fertility and I felt at peace with myself for the first time since my miscarriage. And it worked! The very first month I listened to the Hypnofertility audio track I fell pregnant. I am convinced that the Hypnofertility audio track helped me physically be more relaxed and therefore able to conceive and helped me once again see myself as someone who could get pregnant and forget all the negative experiences that had gone before.

I have also used the pregnancy relaxation audio tracks during the anxious first few weeks when I was terrified of miscarrying again and felt much calmer and confident in my ability to have a happy, healthy pregnancy – and I have. Now I am starting on the birth preparation audio tracks to ensure I have the birth experience that I wish for and no doubt I will be ordering the post-natal recovery audio tracks too!”
Louise Stroud

It helped me to let go of the expectations I had of myself.

‘After years of trying to conceive, experiencing the rollercoaster of emotional highs and lows that accompanied my cycle every month had become our normal way of being. So much of our lives were focused on getting pregnant that we were losing touch with each other and with normal, healthy living.

When I used the Hypnofertility audio track I became aware for the first time that I had got some really quite unreasonable expectations of my body and our future child – things I hadn’t been aware of before. It helped me to let go of the expectations I had of myself, of my body and of my future child so that I could relax and trust my body to do what it needed to do to conceive. Once I let these go I felt lighter and much more able to relax and trust in the conception process. The very next month we inseminated; I became pregnant. Our daughter is now seven months old, and she is a total and utter joy to us.’ Gina Cox Roberts

I loved that it made me take time each day to switch off

“I first used the Prepare to Conceive Hypnofertility audio track whilst having Clomid fertility treatment to conceive my second child, as I had found the pregnancy relaxation and preparation for birth audio tracks helpful with my first pregnancy. I started listening to the Hypnofertility audio track every evening before bed and loved that it made me take time each day to switch off from everything else around me and concentrate on getting my mind and body in the best possible state for conception. After the drug treatment did not work. I was due to have an ovarian drilling operation a couple of months later but found out the day before my scheduled appointment for this procedure that I was 5 weeks pregnant. I am now 34 weeks pregnant and have just started using the preparation for birth Hypnofertility audio track again to try to help me through the forthcoming birth.” Emile Lee

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