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“I had an amazing birthing experience – natal hypnotherapy made all the difference” – Eliza Banasiak

I had an amazing birthing experience and I would like to share why Natal Hypnotherapy by Maggie Howell made all the difference.

I gave birth to two beautiful, healthy boys, both times using Natal Hypnotherapy and on both occasions have had a really good experience. Me and my partner I had the birth we had planned for, in the birthing pool and naturally the babies were born healthy. I had no tears and I recovered really quickly.

The things that made my labour easier

The Natal hypnotherapy course is extremely helpful. There are few things, few aspects of it that particularly helped me and made my labour easier. First of all, relaxation and birth preparation tracks. I was listening to them every evening while pregnant and although sometimes I was falling asleep, I believe that my subconscious brain was still listening and this helped me to change the image of labour I held. I was going into labour believing that I can have short and unpainful labour Maggie Howell’s voice was playing in my head and I was imagining my cervix opening and the baby making its way down. Then there was the breathing and relaxation techniques. I kept remembering the example of the lady in a coma who gave birth to the baby despite being unconscious. I was breathing very deeply during each contraction counting down 321 relax. I was making sure my jaw and my hands were all the time relaxed because they are connected to the pelvis and this was very very helpful. I was reminding myself that each contraction lasts only up to a minute and then I will have few minutes of a break.

“I can do it”

Lastly involving the partner was just amazing. We were a team. Without him, I would struggle because I needed someone to bring me back on track. He kept reminding me of my mantras. He was encouraging me by saying how well I was doing and in the moments of doubts by by telling me that I can do it. He was messaging my back. He was pouring warm water from the pool on my back which was very relaxing and he was guarding the gate.

I will always be recommending Natal Hypnotherapy to every expecting mom even to those that don’t intend to use it. I still recommend reading the book as it explains why women started having painful labours and by describing how the birthing body works. It really helps intuitive and natural labour.

I will always be thankful to Maggie Howell for her teachings and I’m happy and proud to have such an amazing birthing story and can’t wait to to tell it to my boys. So thank you so much Maggie

Eliza Banasiak

Maggie Howell

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