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Life as a mum of 5!

Life as a mum of 5 might daunt, even scare many women.   Had I been told that I would become a mum of 5 prior to my years of motherhood, I would have laughed and thought you were mad – yet here I am 10 years later with 5 glorious little boys and feeling that it is quite normal.

As with all cases – when you look in on someone else’s life you often say or think to yourself “how do they cope?” and yet when you are in that life you just do as that is all you can do.

Is it easy?

Well yes and no. It is hectic, noisy and can be very challenging but on the whole I love it.  I love having my “tribe” wherever I go, and yes I love that attention we get and the joy of being able to say I have 5 boys. It is such a joy seeing them all play together and I cherish the fact they will always have each other as companions.  I am continually amazed how different they are and how unique in spite of them having the same home, parents and back ground.

And the challenges?

Of course it is tiring keeping up with them i.e. the washing, activities, homework, food (!!) and so on, however the hardest part is making sure they all have enough of my time and that they are having their emotional needs met.  I may have 5 boys – but they only have one mummy, regardless of how busy I am.  We seem to go round in circles when one of them needs us more and is crying out for attention, we find a way to manage that one and then it seems like the next one needs their particular attention, and on it goes.

But at the end of the day, having 5 gorgeous happy, active boys all fighting for place on our big bed first thing in the morning is priceless.

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Maggie Howell

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