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New hypnobirthing range by Maggie Howell

Hypnobirthing audio and digital pack by Maggie Howell

Launch of NEW hypnobirthing range by Maggie Howell

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new hypnobirthing range of Natal Hypnotherapy downloads




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To celebrate the launch of the new hypnobirthing range we are offering 3 downloads for the price of 2!

The main changes we have made to the new hypnobirthing range are as follows:-

1. The addition of entirely new instrumental background music.  

We have chosen new background music which is piano based instrumental music and has no pan pipes or waves : ). This new music is the background music to all the new range.

You can hear a sample of the new hypnobirthing range with this new music by clicking here

2. We are combining the Labour Companion with the Relaxing Birth Music 

Labour Companion – Hypnobirthing for a relaxed birth including Relaxing Birth Music

This means that you now get 2 albums for the price of 1!

The Labour Companion has 3 hypnosis tracks to help you through the different stages of labour, plus you now get an extra track with 30 minutes of the new Relaxing Birth Music.

3. New “letting go of fear” exercises on all the Birth Preparation tracks

As letting go of fear or anxiety is such a vital part of preparing for birth, we have included a really great fear release exercise on all the birth preparation tracks.

4. Slightly shorter Birth Preparation tracks

Based on feedback, many felt that the 38 minutes was just too long so we have reduced the birth preparation track to 30 minutes to help you fit it into your busy lives.  However, this has in no way compromised the quality of the suggestions nor the depth of the hypnosis achieved.

You can hear a sample of the new tracks by clicking here

The original Natal Hypnotherapy range 
I am afraid these are now discontinued.

3 for 2 buttonMake the most of the special offer but getting 3 for 2 on all downloads – for a limited time only

You can also download a free sample of the Hypnobirthing for Pregnancy Relaxation track
Click to download your FREE track

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