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Passion rekindled training new practitioners

Ok, it has truly been a long time since I last wrote my blog.  No excuses – just looking after five energetic boys, a growing business, keeping up with school activities, training new practitioners, releasing a new cd, breastfeeding a toddler, ironing 15 school shirts a week and getting my nails done for the first time in my life! Life is certainly full.

Last week I started training practitioners again after a three-year break.  It took a considerable amount of planning and thinking, but once I was back in that room with 12 eager faces smiling and keen to learn I was back in my stride.  I thoroughly enjoyed the week and in many ways feel my passion re kindled (not that it had fizzled out – just that it was at a steady low ember like burn).  It is so exciting to have 12 passionate, enthusiastic women ready to pick up the baton and go out there to help hundreds more women have a better birth.  I know there are more and more courses available for women preparing for birth, but I truly believe that the workshops we run are so powerful, so empowering and yet so simple.  We strip away all the “noise” and just get back to basics, teaching couples simple and so easy to use techniques that really help them overcome fear and plan for a positive birth experience.

Natal Hypnotherapy Practitioners 2011

I feel that Natal Hypnotherapy is truly going from strength to strength!

Maggie Howell

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