Easy to Sleep Hypnobirthing – Audio Download

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Easy to Sleep – MP3 Download

This audio download track can be used at any time during your pregnancy if you are looking to improve your sleeping habits and be more relaxed during the night.

This is a relatively short track which takes you slowly and gently into a deeply relaxed state. This helps to quieten your mind, focus on your breathing and relaxing the muscles in your body. It has specific suggestion about finding just the right position to be comfortable in. It then encourages you to imagine being on a beautiful beach where you are guided through an exercise to mentally let go of any worries, concerns or discomfort which may be the reason you are struggling to sleep.

The last section encourages you to become even more relaxed, even more at ease and then gently fades out leaving you in this calm relaxed, sleepy state. Women who listen to it often do not remember hearing the last section as they have drifted off to sleep by then. It can be used to go to sleep when they go to bed or to help them get back to sleep if they have woken in the night for whatever reason.

Helps you

  • Let go of worries and concerns
  • Be more comfortable
  • Overcome fears
  • Visualise positively
  • Go to sleep more easily
  • Stay sleep
  • Return to sleep more quickly in the event of being awoken
  • Be more relaxed, calm and at ease

Length: 12 Minutes



For older iPhone/iPad before iOS 13, For PC/Mac/Android and newer iPhones/iPads on iOS 13 or above


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