Healing Birth Trauma – Audio Download

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Healing Birth Trauma – MP3 Download

Healing Birth Trauma audio track is for anyone who has felt traumatised by an experience connected with pregnancy or birth.

You may be a mother, a father, birth partner, midwife or doula. It has been written in such a way that it is completely non-specific so that it is focused just on your personal experience and offers support, self healing and coping strategies to help overcome and heal any trauma.

Listening to the audio takes you on a gentle journey to:
• help you rest, feel calmer
• let go of unwanted feelings
• be kinder to yourself
• begin to accept and feel there is hope for the future.

This is done through the use of gentle breathing, calm and safe visualisation, the use of metaphor and creation of personal coping strategies. Throughout the track there is no reference to the type of experience, when it took place or the outcome.

“It has really helped me overcome the trauma I went through and the anxiety and upset I
felt for weeks afterwards”
 Clara Thompson

“It has helped in a way I never imagined I could be helped! I now feel as though I can relive
every detail without the old intense feelings of sadness and anger.”
 Natalie Birmingham


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