Hypnobirthing for Birth – Effective Birth Preparation Audio Tracks

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Effective Birth Preparation – Hypnobirthing Birth Preparation for all birth types and locations

Hypnobirthing for Birth – Effective Birth Preparation

This Hypnobirthing audio track teaches you deep relaxation and breathing exercises as well as unique pain management strategies which enable you to be calm, in control and to manage the level of pain during the birth.

The suggestions on the Hypnobirthing audio put in place specific triggers so that all the way through the birthing process, you remain calm, relaxed and feeling in control. The suggestions build in the sights and sounds of your environment and are different for each location.

The Hypnobirthing audio will help to:-

  • Reduce any fears about giving birth in the way you have chosen
  • Increase your ability to manage pain using techniques you can learn
  • Develop a deep trust of your body’s ability to give birth in the way you have chosen
  • Feel calm, relaxed, and prepared for the birth
  • Increase your sense of being in control
  • Minimise chances of interventions.
  • Reduce the chances of having post-natal depression



For older iPhone/iPad before iOS 13, For PC/Mac/Android and newer iPhones/iPads on iOS 13 or above


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