Letting Go of Fear – Audio download

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Letting Go of Fear – MP3 download

Hypnobirthing to Let Go of Fear mp3 audio track can be used at any time during your pregnancy if you are feeling a little nervous, or worried or have any specific fears that you want to work on.

The calming voice of Maggie Howell guides you into a deeply relaxed state and then takes you through a gentle process to identify and let go of any worries or fears that you may have.

By going through this process you are freeing yourself from unnecessary worries which in turn leaves you more relaxed, focused, and prepared for the rest of your pregnancy and birth.

This track helps you

  • Identify and let go of fears and concerns
  • Deeply relax
  • Overcome nerves and anxieties
  • Become more focused and prepared

When to listen to the MP3/M4A?
From conception through to birth, 2-3 times per week.



For older iPhone/iPad before iOS 13, For PC/Mac/Android and newer iPhones/iPads on iOS 13 or above


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