Midwives Companion

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Help Midwives to be more relaxed, feel more in control, be more motivated and better able to deal with daily stresses.

This highly effective Midwives Companion track has been specifically designed for midwives to help them be more relaxed, feel more in control, be more motivated and better able to deal with the daily stresses of their special chosen profession.

The track consists of soothing background music with the calming voice of Maggie Howell, UK clinical hypnotherapist and founder of award-winning Natal Hypnotherapy. By simply lying back and listening to this track, your mind and body will gently and calmly let go of tension and stress and so allow you to fully relax.

The narration includes guided relaxation, deep breathing and visualisation followed by positive suggestions to help you manage stress on a daily basis, manage your own energy levels at work, be more instinctive, feel more in control and be better at being “with woman”.

Track 1: An introduction 1:40”
Track 2: A Midwife’s Companion 28:57”

Benefits of the Midwives Companion
• Deal more effectively with daily stresses
• Manage your emotional as well as physical well being
• Learn coping strategies to deal with difficult situations
• Be more instinctive
• Become better at being “with woman”
• Manage your own energy levels

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