RAPID CHANGE MATTERS #05 – Interview With Maggie Howell

Maggie is fighting the culture of fear that surrounds pregnancy and birth. The founder of Natal Hypnotherapy™, Maggie’s work has helped over 100,000 women around the world to have a better birth.

Maggie didn’t set out to be a birth expert – in fact, she’s an unlikely convert. She was a busy international sales executive who only reluctantly attended a hypnotherapy course to help her with her first birth. But she was blown away by the mind’s ability to control the body’s response to pain and 3 months later, she had a peaceful, manageable birth at home without so much as a paracetemol

To the surprise of her and her NHS midwife who said: “Maggie appeared to be ‘sleeping’ during most of her contractions, breathing slightly more deeply as they peaked. She used no pharmacological methods of pain relief and conducted her labour and delivery entirely under self-hypnosis. She appeared to experience no pain and very little discomfort.”

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Maggie Howell

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