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Sheila Kitzinger testimonial

Having worked in the arena of natural birth for almost 10 years and learned from some amazing people along the way, it is humbling and honoring to have some of those people recognise and even praise the work I am doing.

The wonderful Sheila Kitzinger has sent me the following review of my book “Effective Birth Preparation“:-

‘Here is a fascinating and impressive book that empowers a woman to prepare for birth drawing on her own inner resources. – She doesn’t have to depend on others to discipline and train her, but through insight and understanding, and using skills of relaxation, rhythmic breathing, and the art of creative imagination, she can focus on the birth energy released in her body.

She learns to manage pain and face the challenge of labour, whether it is fast or slow, and she is under her own control, nobody else’s. The material is well researched and vividly presented, and any woman who studies and rehearses the author’s practical suggestions helps herself towards a positive – even exultant – birth experience.’

You can read more about Sheila’s work at:-

Maggie Howell

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