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Step 1 - FREE Pregnancy Relaxation track

Step 1 – Free Pregnancy Relaxation Track

Start Hypnobirthing for free! Yes we really do mean free. The hassle-free way to begin your birth preparation journey. Whether you want to check Hypnobirthing is for you or want to just test the waters to see what the tracks sound like, then get started with our free resources. Start listening to our free 15 minute hypnobirthing Pregnancy Relaxation audio track.

Any midwife will tell you that the most important things to help you in labour are relaxation and breathing.

By listening to this mp3 download you will learn how to gently become more and more relaxed, how to breathe effectively and how to use positive visualisation.

“I used Natal Hypnotherapy by Maggie Howell. It was brilliant and was without any bulls***. I laboured and gave birth with only gas and air using the techniques. In fact the midwife refused to examine me as she insisted I wasn’t in enough pain to be ready to push. I was 10cm…..Of course giving birth hurts but I honestly found it manageable with breathing and visualisation and the music. You need to practice lots though”

This is a great way to find out what hypnobirthing is like and to learn some really valuable skills – click here to get the free 15 minute hypnobirthing Pregnancy Relaxation track now.

Step 2 – Discover Our Learning Hub

Have a browse around our learning hub where all your questions about Hypnobirthing will be answered. Here are a few topics which may be of interest:-

What is a hypnotic suggestion?

5 Top Tips For Choosing A Doula

Watch Hypnobirthing birth videos

What is the best way to learn Hypnobirthing?

What role do hormones play during labour?

Does Hypnobirthing Work?

or just browse through our Learning Hub:

Step 3 – Watch The Following “How To Do Hypnobirthing” Videos

These videos will give you a great insight into Hypnobirthing techniques:-

The easy way to learn hypnobirthing

How to reduce fear in labour?

Can giving birth be painless?

How should I breath during labour?

What to do if you are scared in labour?

How can I help my partner during labour?

Click here for the Audio Packs

Now that you understand a bit more about Hypnobirthing, you may be ready to take the next step.

You can browse the individual £10 tracks or check out our bumper value Hypnobirthing Audio Packs (8 audio tracks to support you from early pregnancy to 6 weeks postnatally) for just £25 – these can be tailored the the type of birth you are planning.

Click here for the Hypnobirthihttps://natalhypnotherapy.co.uk/product/hypnobirthing-digital-pack-audio-downloads-and-pdf-book-in-zip-file/ng Audio Packs

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