Top tips for successful breastfeeding

Mother and baby breastfeeding

Successful breastfeeding comes from having a positive mental approach as well as making a conscious effort to create the right factors which contribute to you and your baby’s health, comfort and well-being.

Top tips for a successful breastfeeding relationship:-
1. Pick up on and respond to your baby’s cues to feed. Ignore the clock!
2. Accept that your baby’s need to breastfeed may not always be connected to being hungry – it may be for comfort because they are tired or they simply want to have a snuggle.
3. Feed regularly during the night. Successful feeding is based on a healthy supply and demand cycle. If your baby does not feed for many hours your body does not get all the signals it needs to get ready for the next feed and so production decreases.
4. DO NOT expect your baby to be guzzling milk in the first few days. Babies do not need anything other than a tiny amount of colostrum (first milk) so do not need “topping” up.
5. Give yourself time to get to know your baby and to trust your baby’s needs.
6. Babies have growth spurts – sometimes they need more feeding than other times – that is OK and normal.
7. Trust! Trust your baby – no baby was ever born with a pre-planned desire to upset or annoy. They simply feel what they feel and alert you in the only way they know how. Trust your body – milk production has
nothing to do with the size of your breasts but is all to do with the cycle of suckling and milk production. If your baby suckles often and frequently, you will make the right amount of milk.
8. Look after yourself – drink loads of water and eat really well. It is one of the few times in your life that you can eat loads (of the right stuff!) and know that it is all good for your baby.
9. Enjoy this time – it is for such a short time. Even if you are tired and worn out, think of every feed as a blessing and one to be cherished and enjoyed.
10. Get help and support. Accept any offers from others to help with the daily cooking and chores! If you are having any difficulties or simply want to talk, contact your local breastfeeding advisors from La Leche
League or the NCT – see our website for contact details.

Hypnotherapy for breastfeeding

All functions of the body are affected by both physical and psychological factors. The human body functions best when certain criteria are met – a mental state of calm and relaxation coupled with a physical state of fitness and well-being derived from a healthy diet and active life. Unfortunately, our modern lifestyle has led to poor diet, an increase in stress and anxiety and a lack of trust in our bodies, making many inherent functions of the body more difficult. This is particularly the case with breastfeeding.

If you are feeling stressed or anxious about feeding, your body will not produce the right hormones which send the signals to the milk cells to produce the right amount of milk for your baby. In addition, your baby may pick up on those concerns and not feel as comfortable or relaxed either.

Listening to the Breastfeeding Companion tracks (in the Hypnosis downloads section) helps you to let go of any anxiety, teaches you to relax before, during and after feeding, encourages you to eat and drink well and promotes a two – way communication and bond with your baby.

Maggie Howell

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