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What a difference to my first birth!

Natal Hypnotherapy enabled me to focus and remain calm which meant for a positive birth experience which is so important! I believe this helped bonding, breastfeeding and recovery.

The birth preparation track was the perfect ‘excuse’ to have some me time during my pregnancy. The idea that it could be helpful in my birth made me prioritise time everyday just to lie down. So if that’s all it did it was worth it!!

My labour started in the early hours so I put the cd on and it meant I could relax enough to dose through the contractions and not disturb anyone. I knew saving energy for the ” real deal’ was really important. A lot of the morning was spent looking after my older child and once we arrived in the hospital I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia so a lot of my birth plan went out the window (birth pool etc).

Not the hypnobirthing though. I found that even through my blood pressure being constantly checked and lots of discussions I was quickly able to get back to ‘my zone’. It really did make all the difference. My husband did get a telling off though for repeatedly counting the wrong way with the ‘321 relax’ though. I can laugh about it now!

Hypnobirthing allowed me to stave off using gas and air for a long time so when I did finally use it, it was really effective. I feel that minimal pain relief and a natural delivery all helped with bonding and breastfeeding. It was truly lovely birth, despite the difficulties. Such a difference from my previous birth where I had all the pain relief going and an emcs. I felt so much more in control this time round. Thank you 🙂

Maggie Howell

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