What to get a pregnant woman for valentine’s day?

If love is in the air, and you are wondering “what to get a pregnant woman for valentine’s day“, perhaps getting something super special for your pregnant partner can be good for your both! Or maybe you are looking for a Valentines gift for your pregnant partner?

Our Valentine gift ideas for your pregnant partner

Thinking outside the box –

Pregnancy Affirmations Colouring Book
Pregnancy Affirmations Colouring Book

Pregnancy Affirmations Colouring book which comes as a hard copy in the post. It has positive affirmations on each page and by colouring, you enter a trance like state which is helpful in practicing relaxation. Its a fun, relaxing way to help your partner and it makes a great Valentines gift idea for your pregnant wife or daughter.

How to choose a Valentine’s gift for your pregnant partner?

As her partner, you will want the best for her to help her through the journey of pregnancy and birth. Yes she might like some scented soaps or candles or even a nice romantic meal out. But getting something even more special for the one you love, is going to be a win, so let us share some valentines ideas for your pregnant wife.

  • Would something that helps her through all the steps in her journey, including after the baby has been born be a plus?
  • Would she benefit from learning to be more relaxed, which will be KEY for birthing, to help open those muscles on the big day.
  • You may know that breathing effectively is really important to help a birthing mum stay centred and calm. During the birth it will help her relax and therefore increases the chances of birth without intervention. Would learning practical ways on how to breath effective help?
  • Would she benefit from learning how to overcome fears and concerns that she may have from time to time?
  • Would tools and techniques to help her adjust to changes she experiences during her pregnancy be useful?
  • Would an in-depth, practical guide to preparing effectively for birth, with 300 pages packed full of knowledge tools and techniques be helpful?

Our award winning Natal Hypnotherapy Premium Pack for giving birth, using Hypnobirthing, in a hospital or a birth center will help her greatly. We also have other versions including Hypnobirthing for Home Birth and VBAC. . These packs come with a full set of audio downloads, a 300 pdf book and support resources.

Hypnobirthing digital pack home study be Maggie Howell
Hypnobirthing digital pack

Do you want even more for your partner? Would she benefit from doing a full online course with even more support tracks, videos, and guides for birth? Consider our full Online Hypnobirthing Course.

Valentines ideas for pregnant Couples

The Natal Hypnotherapy Online Hypnobirthing Course is the perfect valentines gift for your pregnant wife and its something you can do together. It says you care because it shows how considerate and supportive you are. Our online course will take you through all the steps to prepare for childbirth using Hypnobirthing and there is even training. audio downloads and support resources for birth partners too.

Complete online Hypnobirthing course by Maggie Howell
Complete online Hypnobirthing course by Maggie Howell

The Online Hypnobirthing Course is carefully structured and is packed with tools, resources, guidance and support for your entire journey. It is accessible across your devices and you can view it in the comfort and privacy of your home, or out an about, what ever suits you.

After 20 years of teaching midwives, running Hypnobirthing courses in hospitals and support pregnant women and their partners, we know a thing or too about it. So tap into all those insights and get the Online Hypnobirthing Course

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